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Captain lifts The Trophy

fail me as I try to describe the emotions shooting through me at this moment.
After a long and exhausting season, for both players and fans, our beloved
Yankees are the World Champions. Our New York Yankees defeated the Philadelphia
Phillies to win their 27th World Series Championship.

27: accomplished.

I want to say that I never doubted this team, that I knew
we’d win it all year, but that would be a bigger load of bull than a Jimmy
Rollins prediction. Fact of the matter is: I had my doubts. I never doubted the
abilities of our players, I just doubted our methods. As my Twitter followers
will confirm, I doubted Joe Girardi. Luckily, he proved me wrong and took us to
victory. Here’s another fact for you: I’ve never been happier to be proven

Yesterday, I cried. When they played “Enter Sandman” at the
stadium, I cried. I cried for just under half of the 8th inning, and all of the
9th. When Cano flipped to Teixeira to record the final out of the World Series,
I cried. I cried tears of joy. I cried tears of happiness, but also tears of
relief. After a long and stressful season, I feel relieved. My feelings of
relief aren’t because the season is over, but because I survived my 26th
season as a Yankees fan without suffering from a heart condition.

deserve this. As fans, we deserve this. Having braved the elements all year,
having survived the outrageous ticket prices and – for me personally – having
survived the lack of sleep while following games taking place 8 hours behind my
time zone, we deserve this. This is why I believe that the true champions
aren’t only the ones playing on the field, but also the ones in the stands
cheering them on.

Without us, the Yankees wouldn’t be where they are today.
The players know it, the owners know it, and the fans know it. There’s a reason
that, in their speeches, they always call us the “greatest fans on
Earth”. We simply are.

We don’t follow baseball, we live it. We don’t fit the
Yankees into our schedules, we build our schedules around the Yankees. We don’t
make room in our lives for Yankees games, we make room during the Yankees
season for our lives. We buy tickets, subscriptions, MLB mobile
applications, and – for those of us living abroad – satellite TV subscriptions
to ensure that we never miss a single moment of Yankees baseball. We know that
baseball isn’t a sport, it’s a way of life. We truly are the greatest fans on

is sweet; accomplishment is sweeter. We all came into this season feeling that
this was our year, dreaming of the moment in which our men in pinstripes
returned to the top. We are the World Champions, and for the next year, it will
be The Reign of The Empire. May this glorious reign last for many years to

Evil Empire struck back.

would like to take this opportunity to congratulate the Philadelphia Phillies
on a battle well fought. They didn’t make this series easy for us, and they
were a strong opponent. They definitely made this World Series interesting, to
say the least. Jimmy Rollins brought the drama. Unfortunately for him, we
brought the game.

the end, we prevailed. We played. We won. ‘Das

would like to congratulate our players on this historic win. I would like to
commend the Front Office on the amazing acquisitions made to fill the gaps that
needed to be filled. I would like to congratulate our GM Brian Cashman on his
wonderful vision for the team. I would like to congratulate our manager Joe
Girardi and his coaching staff for taking the team to glory. We all doubted
Girardi’s ways, but in the end, he accomplished the mission.

but certainly not least, I would like to congratulate my fellow fans. Like I
said, without our amazing fan base, the Yankees wouldn’t be the Yankees. Every
fan, young or old, near or far, contributed to the glory of the 2009 season.

the fans of the New York Yankees, the best fans on Earth: I salute you.

So, without further ado: Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Yankees lovers
and Yankees haters, as a World Champion Yankees Fan, I would like to welcome
you to my blog. What an amazing time it is for my inauguration!

I am not a Yankee Insider. I don’t have any inside information about the
Yankees, nor am I affiliated with the New York Yankees organization in any way.
I don’t know anyone working in the media, and I’m not an aspiring sports
journalist. I am simply a fan who loves her team.

is not a Yankees blog; it is a Yankees Fan blog.

The posts on this site will be talking about the Yankees from a fan’s
perspective. In my posts, I will be giving you my thoughts, showing you my
emotions, and sharing with you my desires. While I will be giving you my
personal analysis here and there, this blog will be for your entertainment. I
will also be commenting on the team through a female fan’s perspective. I could have chosen the route of ignoring my femininity, but where’s the fun in that? I’m here to prove that it’s possible to be a sports fan, and still be womanly.

simple, doesn’t it?

Ah, but as it always is in life, there is a twist: I am a Yankees fan living in
the Middle East.

I follow my Yankees religiously, and I’m as passionate about them as the fans
living in New York. After all, I spent my entire life in New York and immersed in my Yankee Obsession. I’m not about to let geography get in the way of eating, sleeping, breathing, and living baseball. Geography cannot stop me from bleeding Pinstripe Blue.

Life as a baseball fan, however, is different when you
don’t live in America. People here do not follow baseball. While I’ve
befriended a small group of fellow-Americans here, the majority of my
acquaintances look at me as though I’m speaking a foreign language when I
mention how many RBIs A-Rod has, or what Derek Jeter’s batting average is.

For the first time in my life, I say “Mariano Rivera” and people
don’t know that I am talking about the best closer of all time. Furthermore,
they don’t even know what a closer is. Heck, they don’t know what a pitcher is.
This has been tough for me.

So, in this blog, you will see things through my eyes. You will get an
understanding of the difficulties that come with following a baseball team when
you’re abroad. You will sympathize with me as I await that 4 a.m. first pitch,
and you will probably feel sorry for me having to follow the final two innings
from my office at work.

will be discussing the state of the Yankees as I see them. Through my words you
will understand my thoughts. Through my rants you will understand my passion.
Through my innuendo you will understand my gender. Some of my posts will be
humorous; others will be out of pure frustration. Some will be factual; others
will be fictional. All in all, I aim to entertain you with this blog, while
also aiming to inform.

to my inaugural season as a Yankees blogger. Here’s to good times and good
fans. Here’s to many more seasons on top. Here’s to the New York Yankees.




One comment

  1. levelboss

    a Bronx-native Yankees fan in the Middle East? way cool.. congratulations on your inaugural post , Hiba

    go Yankees!

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