Who’s [not] your daddy, Joe?

Joe Torre, I love you for what you’ve done with us, but you’ve taken things too far. Seriously, stop it.

We get that you felt insulted by the Yankees. We understand that. I can see how their final offer to you was a slap in the face. Personally, I agree that it was time for a change. Obviously you disagree. That’s fine, you’re entitled to your own opinions.

You’re also entitled to choose one of several routes to take, two of which being “classy” and “classless”. So far, despite irrelevant comments here and there, you’ve been relatively classy about it. You said you were happy to see the Yankees win the World Series. That was classy. Yes, your book caused a little controversy, but because we love you, we brushed it off as your co-writer taking cheap shots at the Yankees to make a quick buck. However, your recent comments in an article cannot be brushed off so easily.

Really, Joe Torre? Really? You’re comparing George Steinbrenner to your scumbag abusive father? I know that Papa George is a tough cookie. He was definitely not easy to work with, but the man was tough for a reason: he wanted and expected the best. Why wouldn’t he? He spent a lot on the Yankees, and expects to see the best results.

Welcome to the business world, Joe. I’m sorry George Steinbrenner didn’t hug you enough and tell you he loved you, but to compare him to a wife-beating a**hole is out of line. When you’re a businessman, you have to be ruthless. I don’t see why you don’t understand this, since you’re being pretty ruthless in your little blast about the him to gain publicity.

I can’t even begin to describe how disappointed I am in you, Joe. I expected you to carry yourself with a little more class. Call me crazy, but I also expected your wife to carry herself with a little more class rather than adding fuel to the fire.

George never told you he was proud of you? How about in the speeches he gave after we won championships? I distinctly remember him saying how proud he was of you and the team. Or did you choose to block that out of your memory, Joe, so you’d cause a little controversy and gain a little publicity? Of course he’s not going to be proud of you when the team underachieves. He’s not your dad, Mrs. Steinbrenner didn’t give birth to you, he’s not required to love you and be proud of you unconditionally.

I can’t seem to understand what you expected George Steinbrenner to do when the team, under your management, kept losing in the playoffs. Did you expect him to morph into a proud father of a Little League player and say “It’s OK, son, all that matters is that you did your best”? What are we, a Disney movie? Get with the program, Clueless Joe. This is Major League Baseball, and we’re the New York Yankees, anything less than the best is not something to be proud of.

Even the fans weren’t proud of you when the Yankees were losing to teams they should have easily beat. We weren’t proud of you when you kept throwing Scott Proctor into every game, and kept throwing in “Lefty Specialists” who couldn’t strike any lefties out. Who would be proud of that? Not to mention some of us blame you for the lack of chemistry in the clubhouse. We stood behind you and supported you because you brought us victory after years of misery, but we weren’t proud of how you managed this decade. If you’re going to compare George Steinbrenner to an abusive father, then you should compare us all.

I’m starting to think that you saw the “Who’s your daddy?” publicity in the World Series and decided to get a piece of the action. We ain’t yo’ daddy, Joe, so stop comparing us to him.



  1. thefreak

    C’mon, you can’t fault the guy for wanting to do his little part to make this place a better place to live. I agree that he took managering the Yankee’s way to personal. Being “proud” of someone doesn’t bring home world series. GS has a business to run. Plain and simple. You dont’ get it done, well then he’s gotta find someone that will.

    The person you should be ripping (which you did a little) is his wife Ali. She’s the bully here. Its very easy for a woman to mold a mans brain when he has self esteem issues. She saw an opportunity with a weak minded man who happen to be an ex-ball player and now manager and saw dollar signs. Her meal ticket. I’m sure she means good as well. But SHE is the one brain washing him.

    I will say this, after reading the article and knowing how his exit from NY went down. My question is if he wanted respect and to have his ego stroked a little. And you still thought you had it in you to do it, then why not take less money and prove it once again. Four WS rings in your first five years of managing the Yankees is impressive. But only two pennants the following seven?

    How about this Joe, if you are as good of manager as you think you are, go manage the Pirates and see how far you get. Because ANYONE that manages the Yankees, will have a winning percentage when all is said and done.

  2. ralphrc@aol.com

    Great article. I agree with you 100%. Torre became an egomaniac who thought he was the Yankess. He always had his favorites, and shut out the rest of the team. His bullpen mismanagement ruined numerous careers, and he’s still doing it in L.A.
    Towards the end, he lost interest. For him to make such a tasteless comment about the Boss, who can be a jerk, shows no gratitude to a man who took Torre off the scrap heap, who had little money because of alimony payments, and made him a mutimillionaire, a Hall of Fame manager, and the King of NY.
    Good riddance.

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