A State Of Despair

Like food and sleep deprivation, baseball deprivation is no laughing matter. When you’re as fanatic about baseball as I am, this current drought pushes you to the edge. It’s like wandering the city streets, completely deprived of food, then suddenly looking through a window to find a family sitting down to a feast. The food is right there in front of you, but you can’t reach in and grab it. This leaves you desperate for food, and you would do anything for a bite to eat. Anything.
That’s the state of despair I find myself in during these final days before spring training games commence.

It doesn’t help that very little is happening in the Yankees camp. In 2010, we’re dealing with a Slow News Spring Training. What a huge change from last year’s spring training, or every other spring training in recent memory. There is virtually nothing to report from Tampa. Absolutely nothing.

No Yankees news on TV, online, or on Twitter. It’s sort of eerie. I understand that, sometimes, no news is good news, but this is really starting to scare me. I don’t know what to do with myself, nor do any other Yankees fans.
Some fans are pretending to care about the Winter Olympics, while others are paying attention to American Idol. The Yankees bloggers/beat writers/reporters, on the other hand, are competing over Twitter to see who can provide us with the best candid photos of players.
At first, the pictures of our Yankees were great. We missed seeing them all winter, and it was exciting to see them taking the field again. Lately, they’ve gotten a little ridiculous.
“Here’s CC Sabathia talking on the phone”

“Here’s Derek Jeter scratching his nose”

“Here’s Alex Rodriguez drinking water”

“Here’s Mark Teixeira washing his hands after using the bathroom”
I don’t really blame all these reporters. They traveled all the way to Tampa expecting to see some Yankee Drama. Instead, the most exciting piece of news they’ve had to report was that Joba Chamberlain and Phil Hughes were warming up in the bullpen side-by-side. 
Personally, I could not care less about what Phil and Joba do from now until the Opening Day roster is set. They could put them in a cage and have them duke it out for all I care. At least then we’d get some exciting news from Florida.

That’s not to say I don’t have my own personal preference. I want Hughes in the rotation, and Joba in the bullpen. Until I see the final roster, however, I don’t care what happens between those two. 
The media is blowing this “competition” between them way out of proportion. We’re all so desperate for some action from the Yankees that reporters are trying to feed our needs by making up stories. They’re portraying the competition over the final SP spot to be a war between Hughes and Chamberlain. There is no truth to that portrayal. Honestly, I doubt they’re even fighting for the 5th spot in our rotation. I think the decisions have been made already. 
Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn. Once the final roster is set, we’ll discuss it. Until then, put a lid on it.
Bottom line is: we’re deprived. I never thought I’d miss the times when a Steinbrenner would shoot his mouth off and cause controversy. I never thought I’d long for an Alex Rodriguez scandal. I wish Derek Jeter was still single so that we’d at least be able to discuss which girl he’s currently sleeping with. At this point, I’d even settle for a brawl between Burnett and Posada. 
Give me something, Yankees. Give me something.
Since the Damon Drama ended, we’ve had nothing to talk about. No issues to discuss, no arguments to get worked up over. Nothing. Absolutely nothing.
The first game of spring training will be played on March 3rd. That’s 4 days away! To any normal person, that would seem very near. To Yankee fanatics, however, 4 days without any Yankee action will seem like an eternity.
So, until March 3rd, I suppose we’ll just have to continue pretending to give a damn about Figure Skating and Curling.


  1. Beeeebzy

    Thank you, Jane! I would pay to see that cage match, wouldn’t you? No rules fighting. Fight until The Joba Rules have to be revised!

  2. Beeeebzy

    Smoov, sadly, you’re right: There’s nothing better to watch at MSG. Let’s just hope whatever the Knicks and Rangers have isn’t contagious.

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