Fist Pumping It at Fenway Park!

2010 Pretty In Pinstripes Challenge Tracker: Entry #2 – 4/6/10  Yankees @ Red Sox

The second installment of the Yankees-Red Sox Drama was a great performance by our boys in pinstripes. Well, it was at Fenway Park, so I guess I should say our boys in gray. As with the majority of games in baseball, there were positives and there were negatives. Obviously the good outweighed the bad, otherwise we wouldn’t have won.
A.J. Burnett was alright. His performance wasn’t something I’d want to see from him in a month from now, but for his first start, it was good. His first-pitch fastballs were predictable to hitters, but I’m sure that’s something he and Jorge can learn for next outing. His pitches were out of control at times, but Posada seemed to be able to settle him down. It was nice to see good chemistry between A.J. and Jorge.
Alfredo looked as great as he always does coming out of the bullpen as a middle reliever. He held the score to a tie, and had an impressive couple of innings. Nick Johnson didn’t have a single hit, but he still managed to get on base every time he was up. He’s doing exactly what we acquired him to do. 
Derek Jeter made a couple of amazing plays, to show the world that he is still a top class shortstop. Way to shut the haters up, Jeter!
There were several other positives in the game, but Joba’s performance takes the cake.
Joba Chamberlain had a wonderful outing. His fastball got up to 96 MPH again, and he struck out the two batters he faced: Adrian Beltre and J.D. Drew. Jorge Posada said it best: “What we saw from Joba today was something out of 2007”. Well said, Hip Hip Jorge.
I was sitting in my living room, watching the game that started at 3:10 a.m. here in Dubai. I was starting to feel exhausted from a combination of staying up all night to watch the game, and the emotionally draining experience that is known as a Yankees-Red Sox matchup. Joba came in to pitch at around 6:15 in the morning. After Joba struck J.D. Drew out to end the inning, he gave us a further sense of his 2007 ways by pumping his fist in celebration. I have to admit, seeing Chamberlain’s emotion after a job well-done reenergized me, and made me pump my own fist and shout “HELL YEAH!“, waking my roommates up.
I loved it. I loved every single part of it. I loved seeing his composure on the mound. I loved seeing his amazing slider and his hot fastball. I loved seeing his raw emotion as he pumped his fist in the air in celebration. 
What annoyed me, however, was seeing a lot of the reactions to Joba’s fist pumping after he struck Drew out to end the inning. A lot of people were making comments such as “Who does he think he is pumping his fist like that?“, “What an idiot, fist pumping like he just won the World Series“, and “Joba is such a screw up. Fist pumps are yet another example of Joba screwing up“.
These comments sound like the typical reactions you’d see from Red Sox fans. So why am I so surprised and annoyed by them? Because they came from Yankees fans! Or, should I say, supposed Yankees “fans”?
I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and reading. Yankees fans were criticizing Joba Chamberlain for showing his emotions after a job well-done. It completely shocked me. Why on Earth would any Yankees fan object to one of our pitchers celebrating a great performance? Why would they be angry about it? 
When did the mere display of emotion become such a faux-pas in Yankees Baseball? I would much rather see our players getting emotional about games, than go back to the zombie-like state we were in during the Joe Torre years, where players would only show emotions after winning championship games. Why do we have to wait until October before seeing our players celebrate? There are 162 regular season games in baseball and, as fans, we get emotional about every single one. So why aren’t our players allowed to get emotional about these games, too?
Personally, I grew tired of seeing our players turn into robots for the vast majority of the decade. Before 2009, when was the last time we saw our players having fun during games? 2009 was a breath of fresh air for so many reasons: New stadium, new players, ne
w style, new World Series Championship. The best part of 2009 as a whole was seeing our players having fun. Nick Swisher’s fun-loving attitude, Mark Teixeira’s smiles, and A.J. Burnett’s walk-off pies all added to our team having fun while playing baseball. It was so refreshing to see. I love it when a team shows emotion and heart. I love seeing our boys having fun.
Furthermore, Joba’s reaction was more than warranted. After being jerked around in 2008 and 2009, and being smoked in the majority of his outings, the 2007 Joba finally showed signs of returning. I’d have to see more games in which he dominates the 8th inning before I blatantly claim that the 2007 Joba is back, but what I saw in the second game at Fenway early this morning is a very good sign. Chamberlain felt like he was finally back in the role in which he can succeed, and truly shine as a pitcher. He deserves to pump his fist in celebration, he’s regaining his confidence in himself. To me, Joba looked relieved to pitch in relief again.
Go ahead, Joba, pump your fist. You earned it.
Also, I couldn’t care less what Joba does to celebrate, as long as he gives us a performance worth celebrating. He can strip down and run around the field in his boxer-briefs after striking out the batters he faces, for all I care. He can do backflips, kiss the umpires, high-five the fans, and whatever else he damn well pleases, as long as he gets the job done. It’s fun to see our pitcher showing emotion. Even more importantly, this display of his feelings shows that he’s got his heart invested in doing well for himself and for our team. It shows that he actually gives a damn about every single game. Why on Earth would anyone complain about seeing that on their own team?
I’ve come to the conclusion that some “fans” do not deserve to call themselves fans. These people who were complaining about Joba’s celebration have never said a positive thing about the Yankees. All they’ve ever done is complain. They stay quiet when things are going well, then as soon as one of our players make a mistake, they jump at the opportunity to criticize.
These very same fans also annoyed me in another instance. They said nothing to praise Derek Jeter for making two amazing defensive plays, but the moment he made a throwing error to Teixeira at first base, these “fans” immediately came out to criticize him. Absolutely disgusting.
These “Yankees fans” annoy me far more than fans of other teams. Yes, they even disgust me more than Red Sox fans. I expect Red Sox fans to criticize every single mistake the Yankees make, because we also criticize every mistake the Red Sox make. I understand it when a fan criticizes his or her own team’s mistakes, as long as they also praise their players when the perform well. Only criticizing and never praising, however, makes you a Yankees Hater, not a Yankees Lover. Putting on the pinstripes doesn’t cover up your constant hate. Wearing the interlocking ‘NY’ over your heart doesn’t give you a free pass to constantly dish out hate against the Yankees. The excuse “Hey, I’m a Yankees fan” doesn’t work when you show nothing but anger and disgust towards the Yankees. So, kindly shut up.
Yankees fans who do nothing but criticize and complain should have their Yankees Fanhood revoked. They don’t deserve to celebrate the glory, because all they do while we’re on the road to that glory is criticize and spew venomous hate. Do yourselves, and real Yankees, fans a favor, and jump onto another bandwagon. We don’t want you in the Bronx. 

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  1. osfan2009

    AJ and Posada went a whole meaningful start without killing each other. Dang it, I lost my “How long until AJ kills Posada” pool.

  2. bellafoxx

    I have a co-worker like that, claims to be a Yankee fan, but every time he talks about them says how they are not doing well, not going to the World Series, when they were in the World Series that they weren’t going to win it.

    I’ve started telling people he’s a Mets fan.


    Absolutely agree, hon. I enjoyed Joba’s fist pumping yesterday night. I was at my office and, by the end of 5th inning, I went with a friend of mine (of course a true Yankees fan) to Caliente, which is a Sports Bar. We watched the second half of the game over there.Like you and Joba, Hiba, I also pumped my fist when Joba strucked Nancy Drew out.

    But some moments earlier, we were so happy watching Alfredo Aceves’ performance. He was as great as we know he can be. Here in Mérida, Yucatán, México we follow Alfredo very closely. The reason is simple. He is a farm product from my home team, Leones de Yucatán, in the Mexican League. He made his AAA debut here, and I was at that game. Then, when he was a FA, he was acquired by the Sultanes de Monterrey, which is the team where the Yankees signed him from. Lee Sigman, a Yankees scout for México, was following Alfredo since he was playing in Yucatán. And that’s why we’re very proud of him.

    Since tonight’s game will be on ESPN2, I’ll watch it at home. Here’s hoping Andy Pettitte can give us the series.

    Keep in touch.



    absolutely awesome beeeebzy, i agree with everything you said, i was so pumped when joba reacted the way he did..c’mon its not just a regular game its against the red sox, doesnt matter if its april or october…i also appreciate the fact you stayed up all night to watch them…definitely a true fan

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