“The Rookie”, Number 17: Pretty In Pinstripes.

Early this morning I found out that I made my debut at #17 on MLBlogosphere’s Latest Leaders List for the month of March.
I must admit, that’s pretty cool. 
This my first season as a fan blogger, and debuting at #17 on the list in my “Rookie Year” boggles my mind. I only started blogging this past offseason, so 2010 is indeed my Rookie Year. Looking at the list, I also believe I’m the highest ranking Rookie on there.
That is awesome.
I’m happy that a lot of people enjoy reading my blog entries, because I enjoy writing them. There are lots of great writers on that list, and to be a part of it is amazing.
The Yankees are my passion in life, and to share this passion with baseball fans from all over the world is truly a blessing.
Thank you, my loyal readers, for putting me in the Top 20 Fan Blogs for the month of March. You’re the reason I’m on that list. 
Now I’m on a mission to stay on the list for the month of April. Maybe I can even move up a spot or two? It all comes down to my loyal readers. I will keep giving you blog posts, and I hope you will continue to enjoy them.
Thank you.

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