The First Win

2010 Pretty In Pinstripes Challenge Tracker: Entry #13 – 4/20/10 – Yankees @ Athletics

Hello there, my loyal readers. Did you miss me? 
Sorry for the brief hiatus, but I’m currently on vacation. Well, I’m on “vacation”. Sort of like when your aunt checks into rehab, and your parents tell you she’s on vacation. 
No, I’m not in rehab, nor do I need to be. It’s a long story that has to do with my work visa for the United Arab Emirates. 
Let’s just say, I should probably start wearing one of these:
I’m on “vacation”. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.
I think I’m going to start something new with some of my blog posts. I’ve seen it on other blogs, and I thought I’d give it a try. I’m always listening to music while I write my posts. I just put my iPod on “shuffle” and let it play in my ears while I write. So, I’ll include “Now Playing” lines in my post for this game.
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The Yankees started off the series against the Oakland Athletics on Tuesday night. Well, it was Wednesday morning for me, given the time difference. The game started at 6:05 a.m. Dubai Time, and I went into work early so that I could watch the entire game, uninterrupted, in my office. Yes, I’m that dedicated to my work and the Yankees. 
Thank you,, for being my lifeline while I’m away from home.
Javier Vazquez got his first win of the season. I’m glad he did, he needs another win before going back home. Maybe if he comes home with two wins on the road under his belt, and a nice 2-2 record, the fans would go easy on him. Dare I say, the fans might even *gasp* cheer for him? 
Yeah, right.
Overall, his pitching wasn’t mind-blowing, but it was good enough to get the win. I have all the faith in the world that Vazquez is only warming up. He’s still getting it together. 
He’ll get it together. Don’t you worry. Once I start to worry, that’s when you’ll need to start worrying. 
Remember Sabathia at the start of last season? Things will get better for Javy, because there are no major mechanical problems. He needs to add life to that fastball of his, then everything will work out. I think the next start of his is a decider on how he’ll do this season. A starting pitcher’s fourth start of the season is when we can truly begin to judge him. So, we’ll have to see.
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Sometimes, I feel like headlines are written purely to cause trouble. Yes, I’m aware that journalists/writers have to do what it takes to come up with headlines that grab readers’ attention, and nothing grabs attention like a headline showing a Yankee struggling. Some of these headlines, however, are pretty lame.
Take the wrap for this game, for example. I’m a fan of Bryan Hoch’s. I read his work regularly, and I enjoy it. I think he does a great job reporting our Yankees for 
This headline, however, annoyed me: “With help, Vazquez tallies first win”. 
I’m sorry, but has a pitcher ever “tallied” a win without help? The starting pitcher can pitch nine innings of shutout baseball, and if the offense isn’t awake, he won’t get the win. Call me crazy, but I believe that a run needs to be scored for your team to win. Furthermore, without the fielders helping, the pitcher can’t win. Maybe in the National League, if the pitchers strikes out every single batter he faces in nine innings, and then hits a home run, you can say he got the win unassisted. 
When was the last time that happened? My guess is: never.
Anyway, I’m just being anal about this. It doesn’t mean anything, but this is my blog and I can write about whatever annoys me. Lame headlines annoy me.
The “help” the article was referring to, was mainly Alex Rodriguez’s home run in the sixth inning.
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BREAKING NEWS: A man in Tokyo was rushed to the hospital after being hit in the head with an unidentified object falling from the sky at great speed. It knocked him unconscious, but he woke up in the hospital and seems to be doing fine now. Upon further examination, the falling object was identified to be a baseball. The ball in question is Alex Rodriguez’s home run ball. It flew out of Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum, and landed back on Earth today, across the Pacific. 
What a monster shot from A-Rod! It’s nice to see him back to his homering ways after starting off the season with a minor dry spell. His dry spell was very minor in relation to Mr. Mark Teixeira’s.
Mark Teixeira is off to yet another slow April. I can’t understand his regular slow starts. I see no logic behind them. Tex is one of the best hitters in the league, yet he is known for being near comatose in the first month of the season. What’s the reason for this? I don’t see anything different in his swing. Am I missing something? Why does this only happen to him in April? He doesn’t suffer from any major slumps later on in the season. 
Is it a mental thing? Has it become a self-fulfilling prophecy? 
You can see the frustration on his face when he strikes out or flies out. You can also see our frustration, as fans, when he does so. No one is slaughtering him for this, and I’m not going to, either. No one should be throwing him under a bus, because even with an average in the 100’s, Teixeira is contributing to the team defensively. Also, we know he’ll get over it, as we’ve seen before. When he finally starts hitting, watch out. He’ll have an entire month of not-hitting, to make up for. You know he will do it.
However, it’s starting to get annoying. We’re in the final week of April, Mark. Start hitting now. Thanks.
People who drafted him in their Fantasy Baseball leagues now know that if you draft Teixeira, you have to draft another first baseman as a backup for April. Only God knows why.
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“You may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one. I hope some day you’ll join us, and the world will be as one.”

The best part of the game was seeing how patient our hitters were at the plate. They worked walk after walk from the Oakland pitchers, forcing Gonzalez to be taken out of the game in the fifth inning. I like seeing our hitters make a pitcher work hard. Yankees drew a total of ten walks against the A’s pitching that game. We saw a couple of 10-pitch at-bats. That’s what we all love to see. Keep it up, boys. That’s how you win it.

Also something I enjoyed seeing: Boone Logan making his Yankees debut.


Overall, I’m happy with his performance, especially since it was his first outing in pinstripes. Well, in grays. 

He came in to relieve Vazquez with one out in the sixth inning, and retired the two batters he faced. Then, Girardi put him back on the mound in the seventh inning, hoping that he can take the game to Joba in the eighth. Logan retired two batters in the seventh, then “slow” fielding from Derek Jeter allowed a runner on base (it was recorded as a hit, so I’m not blaming Jeter for this). After that, Boone seemed to lose his groove. He then walked a batter, and allowed another hit to load up the bases. With the bases loaded, Joe Girardi took the ball from Logan, and gave it to Joba, who got us out of that situation unscathed.

Despite loading up the bases, I liked what I saw from Boone Logan. Again, this was his first outing of the season. At least he didn’t allow any runs like some of our other relievers did in their first outings. I read somewhere that Dave Eiland has been working with Logan on his pitches, and that accounts for the difference between the Boone Logan of the past, and the Boone Logan of today. In the past, however, his fastball was clocked in the upper 90s, where as now it’s lingering around 92-93 MPH. With his newfound command, he needs to get his velocity back up and he’ll be a solid bullpen arm.

I’m happy the Yankees are taking a chance on him. He can prove to be a valuable asset to us this year. If not now, then definitely later on in the season.

Boom Boom Boone.

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Overall, good game for the Yankees, especially for Javier Vazquez. Hopefully his next start, against the Angels, will get him another win. He needs to start bringing wins home if he wants to be cheered in the Bronx.

In Javy We Trust.

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  1. devilabrit

    It’s been awhile since I was in Dubai, spent many a time in the Sheraton and out on the Gulf in their boat with a fishing rod and a few cans of what was not allowed during daylight hours.

    The Yankees game time is a little more favorable to them today maybe they will have better luck…

    Phillies Outside

  2. Beeeebzy

    Dubai’s changed a lot since you’ve been. How can I say that, when I don’t know when you were in the country? Because even if the last time you visited was 6 months ago, it’s changed a lot. I’ve never seen a city change as fast as Dubai. It’s insane. Oh, and it’s allowed during daylight hours now.

    – Hiba

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