I Want To Have Andy’s Babies

2010 Pretty In Pinstripes Challenge Tracker: Entry #17 – 4/24/10 – Yankees @ Angels

Too bad his wife would kill me. Literally, she’d gut me like a fish.
How amazing is Andy Pettitte? 
As you probably know by now, I’m a huge Andy Pettitte fan. I’ve been a fan of his since I was a baseball-obsessed little preteen. I was always that odd kid in school who chose Andy Pettitte over Derek Jeter when asked about which Yankee I’d most like to meet. As I’ve grown older, my appreciation of what Pettitte does for us has deepened. He’s even inspired me to write poetry.
I don’t know what I can say about Andy Pettitte. Whenever I think about him I turn into a little kid whose hero is the left-handed starter with five World Championships under his belt. I used to be that little kid. I was eleven when Andy Pettitte made his debut, and he instantly became my favorite Yankee. As I became a teenager, my admiration of Pettitte became a crush. To this day, I have a huge crush on Dandy Andy. His strong, handsome looks come second to his domination of the mound. Double-entendre?
Let’s not forget the Andy Pettitte Stare. That stare of his leaves opposing batters weak in the heart, and me weak in the knees.
How is it possible that he is only getting better with age? I’m trying to avoid the “fine wine” cliché when describing him, but it is very accurate. What he showed us last year, and what he’s showing us so far this year, is testament to the ageless talent that is Andy Pettitte.
The only signs of age are the gray hairs on his head. Those sprinkles of gray only make him more awesome. To think, he was considering retiring after 2008. 
Robinson Cano and Brett Gardner were also on fire. Speedy Gardzales had three hits in his five at-bats, including a triple. Robbie had four hits in his five at-bats, and scored three of our seven runs. 
Our offense was awake, our fielders were great, yada yada yada… Back to the important stuff.
How amazing is Andy Pettitte?
He pitched eight innings, allowed only one run, struck out eight batters, and walked no one. He… allowed… no… bases… on… balls. 
This season, Pettitte has picked up where he left off last season: dominating games. He now has three wins, and an ERA of 1.29, in four starts. You can’t ask for a better start to the season from our third starter. 
I have to admit, the realist in me was expecting Andy to be moved down the rotation, to the fourth rotation spot at some point this season. That was what I predicted in the offseason, but I’ll gladly admit that it seems as though I will be wrong. If Pettitte keeps dealing like he’s been dealing, there is no way he’s going to be moved. 
Andy Pettitte is unbeaten so far. We know he will eventually get some losses, he will eventually be bea
t, but even when Andy is beat, he is unbeaten. His mentality and strength have never been shot down, and he has always been able to shake off losses quickly.
Of course, it helps to have an All Star infield working behind him, a killer lineup to cushion his starts, and The Great Mariano to save his lead and close out his wins. With all of that centered around Andy Pettitte’s dominant pitching in the third spot of our rotation, you have a bid for our 28th World Series Championship very much alive and kicking.
Once again, Andy Pettitte proved that he is a pitcher who only gets better with age. Many of us already believe that he is Hall Of Fame worthy, but excellent performances from him this year, and hopefully a sixth World Series title to add to his five, will surely bring more believers.
Andy Pettitte makes me even more proud to be a Yankee. As I’ve said before, if this is indeed his final season, he’s off to one helluva good start.

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