Javy, Not So Savvy.

2010 Pretty In Pinstripes Challenge Tracker: Entry #18 – 4/25/10 – Yankees @ Angels

No, Javy, no. Bad, Javy, bad.
You’re supposed to take your first win as a turning point and build on it to get more wins. That’s what you’re supposed to do. You’re not supposed to go back to losing. You’re never supposed to lose. You’re sup
posed to give us 30 wins in the season. Anything less than that is unacceptable.
Welcome back to the Yankees, Javier Vazquez. Welcome back to the team with which you’re not allowed to give up a run, or ever come close to it. You’re giving up runs in April, Javy. Bad boy. Very very bad.
Brian Cashman is an idiot for bringing you back to New York. You obviously have no business being there. You’re infecting our team with your loser stench. You shouldn’t have been here in the first place.
Don’t you dare give me the “It’s only April, I need time to warm up” excuse. You know that argument doesn’t cut it in the Bronx. Mechanics mean nothing. Needing time to retune your mechanics after the offseason, is just a lame excuse that losers use for being bad. 
Good job showing us that you’re still “Game 7 Javy”.
You need to be moved to the bullpen. You obviously don’t belong in the starting rotation. Sergio Mitre should take your rotation spot. Actually, you’d ruin our bullpen, too. You need to be sent down to the minors, and we should call up Kei Igawa to replace you on the roster. 
Don’t give me the “I’m a Major League veteran, with thirteen Major League seasons under my belt, and my contract has no options” excuse. We are Yankees fans. We don’t care about silly things like “common sense” and “logic”. You need to be removed from our active roster, and Joe Girardi needs to be fired for putting you there.
I don’t care if many pitchers are known for having slow starts to their seasons. Don’t give me that tired old excuse. You’re no longer human, you’re a Yankee. You are being paid money to be a robot. Don’t you get it? Statistics are everything in baseball! Your numbers are atrocious. 
You will never amount to anything. Hand in your pinstripes, Javy, and just retire. You will never recover from a 1-3 start to the season.
What’s that, you say? CC Sabathia, while much better than you, had a 1-3 start to the season last year? 
Shut up, Javy. Sabathia gives 200+ innings every year, and has around 200 strikeouts per season. How many innings and strikeouts do you put up every year?
Oh, damn. You average more innings and strikeouts than Sabathia? Whatever. You don’t have a World Series ring. You suck.
You know you can’t compare yourself to CC Sabathia, so don’t even try. 
I don’t care if you’re just as much of a work-horse as he is. I don’t care if you also pitch 200+ innings a year, and get over 200 strikeouts. None of that means anything when you’re our fourth starter. 
Haven’t you heard, Vazquez? The fourth rotation spot belongs to the staff Ace now. Just because you’re our No. 4, doesn’t mean you can slack off and give us 13 wins in the season. If you don’t win at least 20 games as our fourth starter, you’re a failure.
Don’t you dare tell me that 13 wins from a fourth starter is good. So what if our No. 2 starter gave us 13 wins last year? SO [expletive] WHAT? We’re the reigning World Champions, you must have a winning record after four starts. You must. 
Since you have a losing record in April, you deserve to be released. Sergio Mitre should pitch instead of you, at least he has a World Series ring. Cody Ransom has a World Series ring, and you don’t. Therefore, you’re worse to us than Cody Ransom was. I can’t believe we let him go, and put you on the roster.
We’re doomed.
We are going to boo you when you come back for a home game. Yes, we are. You deserve it. I don’t care if you win every game from now on, and help us win the World Series. You will always be “Game 7 Javy” to us. 
I hate you, Javy. I hate you. How dare you ruin our April? How dare you?! Can’t you see that our April is destroyed because of you? Because of your horrible pitching, our Yankees are off to a miserable 12-6 start to the season! We should be 18-0!
So what if you showed class in the post-game interviews? Who cares about that? Being classy and blaming yourself for the loss is meaningless. Class means nothing. Winning means everything. Get with the damn program, Vazquez. You’re not in Kansas anymore.
Don’t you know that divisions are won and lost in the first month of the season? You’re ruining us, Javier. You’ve ruined our bid for the repeat! You’ve killed our chances at winning our 28th World Series Championship!
You, sir, are a disgrace. 
Javier Vazquez, you are a disgrace to the pinstripes you wear. Coming into the season as the World Series champions no longer means anything, now that you’ve started the season so poorly. 
You are our curse in life. Every loss we get this season is your fault. Just like every loss in 2004 was your fault. I don’t care if you’re not on the mound, whenever we lose, we are going to blame you. 
I hope you get released soon, while we still have a chance to win the Wild Card.
Damn, I have an awesome poker face. I managed to write all of that bullsh*t without laughing.
If you agree with what I wrote in this blog post, do the Yankees a favor and go root for another team. You’re a disgrace to the Yankees fanbase.

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  1. pennylane_1976@yahoo.com

    Can I please take a minute to worship this post? Thank you for saying this. Thank you for pointing out how utterly ridiculous that Javy-criticisms have gotten. Thank you for pointing out the obvious fact that Javy IS the fourth starter.
    Most of all, thank you for putting out a compelling defense for a player who is an easy and popular target for the vitriol of some Yankee fans. Javier has carried himself with dignity and grace despite the appalling behavior of the “fans” during his first start. I’m not a fan of booing any player unless that player isn’t trying to do his best. I don’t think anyone could accuse Javy of loafing.
    Well done.

  2. falantedios@gmail.com

    Look, I hear you – ripping Javy does no good.

    And I appreciate you sharing the stat sheet on him from Baseball-Reference.com. That’s good information.

    But take a peek back at that stat sheet and you might see why Yankees fans are pissed at Javy.

    Look at his ERA in the two seasons before we signed him 2003 & 2008. They’re his two BEST ERAs ever!

    Now look at his ERA in 2004, and his current ERA. They’re his WORST in ERA and IP and SO as a veteran pitcher. And in ’04, he had an All-Star 1st half!

    I couldn’t care less about his record – relievers gobble up wins from back-of-the-rotation starters. I just would like to have the stats that Javy puts out for other teams. Vazquez + pinstripes (Yankee blue or ChiSox black) seems to equal something less than harmonious.

    PS – only three pitchers in 2010 have given up more runs so far this season than Javy.

  3. Beeeebzy

    Thank you for reading. I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’m also glad to know that there are other Yankees fans who think that Javy is being unjustly slaughtered.
    Our fanbase has become too spoiled. They have become ridiculous. It’s natural to feel some frustration when a pitcher is having a rough time, after all, who likes losing? When this frustration turns into venomous, unfair hate, however, a line needs to be drawn.
    I have faith in Vazquez. He won’t win the Cy Young Award, but he’ll be good as our fourth starter.

    – Hiba
    “Pretty In Pinstripes”

  4. Beeeebzy

    Everyone would love to have the numbers Vazquez put up last year, but the AL East is tougher than any division in the NL. That doesn’t mean he’ll be a bad #4. It just means he won’t be as good as he was last year. Considering who our #4 pitchers have been, and how they’ve done, in recent years, Vazquez will be an improvement.
    He has good stuff, his pitches are filthy. He just needs to settle down. Yankee Stadium is the biggest stage you can play on in baseball, he needs to get his mentality straight if he wants his pitching to improve.
    With our defense behind him, and our killer lineup providing the run support, I think Vazquez will improve on his White Sox numbers.

    – Hiba
    “Pretty In Pinstripes”

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