I’m Not One To Complain…

2010 Pretty In Pinstripes Challenge Tracker: Entry #19 – 4/27/10 – Yankees @ Orioles

… But did we just lose to the Orioles last night?
The Orioles. 
The worst team in baseball right now. 
The team that needs to conjure up spirits and perform voodoo rituals to get a win. 
We lost to them? Are you [EXPLETIVE] kidding me?
Listen, I’m not going to act like some of the spoiled fans who think it is our God-given right to win every game. It isn’t like that. We need to work hard to win every game.
Ah. “Work hard”. Two keywords right there: work and hard.
The Yankees did none of that in yesterday’s game.
Alright, I’ll accept the excuse that the team is tired. They had a couple of series on the West Coast, and they didn’t get a chance to rest on their off-day because they were meeting with the President.
I wonder if the Prez rubbed off some of that White Sox Loser Stench on the Yankees. 
I accept losses. They’re a part of every sport. No team in baseball will ever go 162-0 in the long, excruciating season, so losses are bound to happen. Having said that, however, looking like a bunch of minor-leaguers while facing a team like the Orioles is pretty damn embarrassing.
I apologize to any Orioles fans who may be reading this blog post. I know I’m trashing your team but, come on, you can’t possibly think that they’re one of the best baseball has to offer.
I don’t know whether to laugh or cry about yesterday’s performance. The Yankees failed at most aspects of the game, and Javier Vazquez wasn’t even pitching for fans to blame him. 
— Funny sidenote: Vazquez nearly got beheaded by a foul ball that flew into the Yankees’ dugout. That made me come up with the following joke (I’m not particularly proud of
this) : “Javier Vazquez nearly got beaned by that foul ball. This proves that, even when he’s not on the mound, batters can still hit Javy.” *hangs head in shame* —

Phil Hughes couldn’t keep his pitch count down. He had over 70 pitches by the end of the third inning. Whatever, it happens. He still managed to allow only two hits during his outing. Still, he wasn’t exactly Philthy. 
Hughes was taken out in the sixth inning with a pitch count of 109 (I think) and two outs. That’s when we crapped the bed.
Excuse me, but did we switch bullpens with the Orioles when I wasn’t looking? 
No, we didn’t. We saw Joe pull a “Vintage Girardi”, mixing and matching pitchers to hitters again.
You know those binders you find at paint stores that have several color wheels on top of each other, so you can mix and match paint colors before you buy them? Joe Girardi has a binder like that, except instead of colors, it’s the names of our pitchers and opposing hitters.
Heaven forbid our starter, pitching in his final inning, should ever face a lefty hitter with two outs. Let’s go to the bullpen and bring out our Lefty Specialist!
Let me take this opportunity to say that I dislike the idea of a “Lefty Specialist”, but having left-handed relievers is a good thing. I think the whole idea of “LOOGYs” is overrated, but that’s a topic for another blog post.
So, anyway, back to the game.
Joe Girardi called the bullpen, and Boone Logan came out to relieve Hughes. I wouldn’t have made that move, I would have left Hughes in there to finish the inning, then put Logan in for the seventh inning. Believe it or not, Boone’s newfound command of his pitches has made him capable of getting three outs. We’ve seen it from Logan twice, so far, facing lineups much tougher than the Orioles. He’s a good guy to hand the ball over to for an inning. A complete inning. Not just one batter.
Logan came in to get Luke Scott out, but ended up walking him. According to fans of LOOGYs, that makes Boone a failure. I’m not a fan of Lefty One-Out GuYs. I’m a fan of left-handed pitchers.
Logan walked Scott, and Joe Girardi struck again.
Boy, that Girardi sure likes to flex his micromanaging muscles.
This time, David Robertson was brought in to save the day. 
Save the day? I hope he saved on his drycleaning bill and wore big-boy diapers while he crapped his pants on the mound. 
He was close to getting the final out to end the inning, but ended up hitting the batter in the chest. Then, some outfield messiness added to the bad pitching and… bada-bing bada-boom the Yankees were losing 4-2, after leading 2-1 with two outs in that inning.
I don’t know who to blame for this.
Girardi’s for his bullpen management?
Boone Logan for walking a lefty?
David Robertson for crapping his pants?
Or do I just blame our entire team for looking like… well… The Orioles?
I wish our problems stopped at our managing and pitching. I wish. 
Apparently our fielders were also struck by some disease forcing them to suck. 
Alex Rodriguez messed up plays at third, Derek Jeter kicked the ball around at short, and our outfielders forgot how to throw. 
Then there was the Jorge Posada throw. He was attempting to catch Julio Lugo stealing (Juilo Lugo!!!). Jorge threw the ball, and it is yet to land back on Earth. I think A-Rod’s homerun ball against the A’s the other day, landed before Posada’s throw did.
Let’s not forget the horrible baserunning, the quiet lineup, and of course, making the Orioles look good.
One good thing about yesterday’s game was Robinson Cano, who continues to be hotter than Dubai summers. Another good thing was Nick Swisher hitting again. Maybe he should wear the away jersey at home.
Of course, there was the Orioles fan who threw the Posada home run ball back onto the field, and it reached the mound. I bet Dave Trembley wishes he had that guy’s arm in the outfield.
Having said all of THAT, I still think we can win this series. I have no idea what was wrong with the Yankees yesterday, but I hope they snapped out of it overnight.
Losing a game to the 2010 Orioles is embarrassing enough, we don’t need to lose the series.

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