Captain Clutch

2010 Pretty In Pinstripes Challenge Tracker: Entry #22 – 4/30/10 – White Sox @ Yankees


Looking back at his career, Derek Jeter has always been one to come through in the clutch. Whether it’s in the regular season, or in postseason games, our Captain always seems to hit when it counts the most.
Most players and fans agree, in a situation where a clutch hit is needed, Derek Jeter is the man you want at the plate. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he seems to be aging as well as Mariano Rivera and Andy Pettitte. 
He always seems to carry the team.
He’s not a bit slugger, and he’s not a flashy person. He’s low-key and grounded. He doesn’t do anything to attract attention, but his greatness makes him a household name.
Yes, I am yet another Yankees fan praising Derek Jeter. Why wouldn’t I praise him? He’s a future Hall Of Famer who carries himself with class, and has the utmost respect for the game of baseball. Fans of all teams should praise him, especially in the sport today. With so many players lacking class and respect for the sport, having a player like Derek Jeter in Major League Baseball is truly a treasure. He’s not just an amazing Yankee, he’s an amazing baseball player. 
He is the quintessential Yankee.
He is Captain Clutch.
This game against the Chicago White Sox was no different for Derek Jeter. He was as clutch as he always is. When the Yankees were down by one run, Derek Jeter tied the game with a home run. When the Yankees were tied with the White Sox, Derek Jeter drove in the winning run with a triple. The man is clutch, no doubt about it. When the situation calls for a Jeterian hit, he steps up his game, and gets it done.
White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen said it best: “He is God, I say he’s God all the time. It’s fun to watch him play the game. He’s the No. 1 ambassador in this game. The guy always has good-looking women around him, too. I mean, God bless him.”
I’m not surprised he said that. Derek Jeter is respected by players and managers across baseball. I’m just surprised we were able to understand what Ozzie said.
This game wasn’t Pettitte’s finest performance, but we still got the win. I never worry about Andy bouncing back from a relatively shaky start. The man’s got the perfect mentality for baseball. He gets roughed up in a start, he brushes it off immediately, and starts focusing on his next start. Never worry about Andy Pettitte.
Not much else to say about this game. It was a win, and that’s all that matters. 

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    I remembered the loss to LAA(I think), the last inning,2 outs, it was no way we can turn into victory for that game. Jeter was the last one for batting, and after the pitcher gave a 2 strikes, all crowds in the LAA stadium was hailing and wanted to the pitcher to strike out him and end the game. But our captain just gave a hit and shut 20,000 LA fans into silence. The narrator said”this guy will never give up”. He is our mental leader with actions let us win most of time and let the opponents not win so easily the rest of the time.

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