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2010 Pretty In Pinstripes Challenge Tracker: Entry #29 – 5/8/10 – Yankees @ Red Sox

What can I say about this game any more than what the final score already says? I thought winning 10-3 in the first game of the series was amazing, winning 14-3 is even better!
Can we own the Red Sox any more than we are? Sure we can. We can win the third game of the series, too.
CC Sabathia was not at his best, but he didn’t cost us the game. The Yankees regained the lead that CC gave up, and it looked like he could be on his way to his fourth win of the season. That is, until two-outs in the bottom of the fifth inning. He was one strike away from an official game when Mother Nature decided to celebrate Mothers Day a little early. 
The b*tch went crazy!
The rain poured down and the tarp was brought out, and we had ourselves a rain delay. An hour and fourteen minutes later, the game resumed, but CC wasn’t on the mound. He didn’t get the win. Something tells me that Sabathia was just as happy about the team winning, as he would have been getting the win for himself.. He’s a team player, after all.
Sabathia did manage to hit Dustin Pedroia, though. Was it intentional? No one knows. If it was intentional, then CC chose the right spot to hit him in, his derrière. Those muscles can handle taking the hit without damage, so if it was payback for what Beckett did the night before, it was executed perfectly. Intentional or not, I liked seeing the little midget plunked. I’m not going to lie, it made me smile.
The Yankees scored fourteen runs in the game. Ten of those runs were given as RBIs to Mark Teixeira and Francisco Cervelli.

Cerving Up The Runs
Frankie Cervelli. How amazing is he?
This is a young catcher who was brought up to the Major League solely for his defense. Last year, he played some AA ball, and was hitting .190 in over a dozen games. His numbers improved when he played AAA and had some games in the majors, but nothing compared to this year. He’s currently batting .429 with an OBP of .500 this season. I know it’s still early, and he hasn’t been a regular starter, but my God, what more can we ask of our backup catcher?
Five RBIs in one game! Not to mention the rest of his amazing hitting this year!
His defense is amazing, his offense is impeccable, and he’s passionate about the game. Whether it’s behind the plate or during his at-bats, Cervelli’s passion and emotions flow. He hustles, he thrives to win, and he never gives less than 200% during games. What more can we ask of our catcher?
On most teams in baseball, Francisco Cervelli would be the regular starting catcher. I think he should be our starting catcher, too, at least for the short run. Before you go crazy, hear me out.
Jorge Posada is still great to have in the lineup, but his defensive skills are slipping with age. Even when he was younger, Posada was more known for his offense, and his good defense was a bonus. While Jorge’s errors aren’t costing us any games yet, Cervelli is better behind the plate. He’s also proven to be quite the asset in our lineup, so why not keep him there? He lacks Posada’s power hitting, but he’s still a good hitter.
When Posada is available to hit again, the perfect mix would be having both Jorge Posada and Francisco Cervelli in the lineup every day. We need Posada’s power-hitting, and Cervelli’s everything.
Right now, Nick Johnson is on the Disabled List for God knows how long. Therefore, we currently don’t have him filling up the DH spot. I say we regularly make Posada our DH, and Cervelli our catcher for the time being.
Cervelli has shown that he can catch our pitchers, be they our veterans or our young ones. We’ve seen him walk out to the mound and calm our pitchers down. We’ve seen the emotion and passion he brings to every game. Why wouldn’t we want to have that every day?
Will we see him every day? Probably not, especially after Nick Johnson returns. We should, however, take advantage of what is supposed to be a “bad situation” and get the most out of this young talent.
To think, we were worried about Posada not being able to catch. Dare I say that we’re better with Cervelli behind the plate? Yes, I said it. Right now, I’d rather see Francisco Cervelli behind the plate, but I still want Jorge Posada in the lineup.
He’s getting old. Permanently DHing will come soon, for Posada.
Granola Bar, for the win!
The camera was on Mark Teixeira in the dugout while he was eating a granola bar. Joe Buck and Tim McCarver went on and on about it. Well, the granola bar worked, because Mark Teixeira hit three home runs in the game, and got five RBIs added to his name. 
Boy, that Mark Teixeira sure loves the month of May. 
The best sluggers hit an average of six home runs a month. Teixeira is halfway there from one game. How insane is that? Is he going to hit three home runs every game? No way. However it’s nice to see him starting to make up for his April slump.
Maybe Alex Rodriguez should start eating granola bars.
Charge the Thief with a Hit & Run

Speaking of A-Rod, he had a good game. Sluggers are usually weighed down by their heavy bats. They depend on the power hits, and rarely do you se
e them hitting the small ball. Sluggers not named Alex Rodriguez, that is. Sure, he’s slumping when it comes to home runs, but I’m sure that’ll change very soon. In this game, Alex drew three walks, had two hits, one RBI and a stolen base. That stolen base allowed him to score a run.

Sure, he’s not slugging it up right now, but he’s certainly hitting the ball when it matters the most, and now he’s stealing bases. He needs to get the power back to his bat though. We need him slugging in the clean-up spot!

¡Ándale! ¡Ándale! ¡Arriba! ¡Arriba!

Brett ‘Speedy Gardzales’ Gardner had a good game. Remember when Brett Gardner was an automatic out? Not anymore! He’s getting hits, he’s working walks, and his OBP is ridiculously good. Even more importantly, once he’s on, he’s nasty. His legs have made me call him Speedy Gardzales, and no pitcher wants to have him on base. 

In this game, Gardner stole a base, and he now has fourteen stolen bases this season.


I also want to give a shoutout to Ramiro Pena for his defensive plays, Swisher for being hotter than hot right now, and Joba who is thriving in the pen (WHERE HE BELONGS).

Good game, boys. Good game. Now let’s go in tomorrow for the sweep!

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