Can’t Catch A Break

2010 Pretty In Pinstripes Challenge Tracker: Entry #32 – 5/12/10 – Yankees @ Tigers

In the first game of a double-header (due to the rain the night before), Javier Vazquez took to the mound to try and get the turning point he so desperately needs.
That, he did. Javy pitched wonderfully, and gave us seven complete innings, giving up two runs on five hits, walking two, and striking out seven. His season’s ERA went down by a run and a half, and it looks as though his good pitching is back. I guess he really did need that start of his skipped, to catch his breath.
I had a good feeling about Vazquez pitching in this game, before the game started. I mentioned it on Twitter that I felt that this game w
ould be the turning point of Javy’s season. Step one of my prediction is complete, now he has to build on what he did in this game, and start getting us some wins.
Too bad the guy can’t seem to catch a break.
The Yankees offense was absolutely horrendous. Just completely comatose. Yes, they were facing Rick Porcello, who is a good pitcher, but this kid isn’t exactly Justin Verlander (whom we face in the final game of the series). He’s not unhittable. Yet our offense chose to make him look like the second-coming of Cy Young in this game.
I’m not going to go into detail about my disappointment in our bats during this game. I honestly wouldn’t know where to begin. We had four hits in the game. FOUR! In nine innings, we managed to connect the bat to the ball successfully, four times. How pathetic.
I’m beyond angry about this. Not because it’s a loss. Losses happen, and it’s only May so who really cares about one little loss? I’m upset about this loss in particular, because Javy so desperately needed a win here. He worked his butt off to get the win, but our bats didn’t seem to share his determination.
Boone Logan came in to pitch a perfect eighth inning, and erased the disappointment of the game before. I’m sorry I got angry at you, Boone, you came back to remind me of why I wanted you on this team in the first place. 
Boom Boom Boone.
All in all, Javier Vazquez can’t seem to catch a [expletive] break. When it’s not the fans booing him, or his mechanics/mentality letting him down, it’s our offense not backing him up. Shame on you, Yankees Offense, for not working as hard as Vazquez did to get the win.
You better make up for it in the second game of the day/night doubleheader. 

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