The Voice Of Reason

2010 Pretty In Pinstripes Challenge Tracker: Entry #44 – 5/23/10 – Yankees @ Mets

Final Score: Yankees 4, Mets 6.

In the heat of the moment, we all say things that we don’t mean. That’s why you take a deep breath, walk it off, and go back to thinking clearly.
So, now that I’ve calmed down, and removed my face from the palm of my hand, I’m going to be the voice of reason.
We’re going through a rough patch right now. There’s no doubt about that. It feels like we’re imploding. We went through the week from Hell, and I’m glad we have an off-day. The fans need a day off as much as the players do.
Having said that, I’m glad we imploded in the middle of May, rather than the middle of August or September. If you think implosions in May are bad, talk to a Mets fan. They’d love an implosion in May if it meant a good September. No team wins 162 games in the season. Every team has mini-implosions, and goes on losing streaks. I’m glad it’s happening now, not later.
I hope that the “A-Rod sucks” comments I heard from Yankees fans were all in the heat of the moment. I’d hate to be you if you actually thought that. 
This game all came down to an Alex Rodriguez at-bat. He could have given us the lead, but he didn’t. When he failed to do so, Yankees fans started ripping him apart. Really, people? Where was the rest of the lineup all game? I can’t believe I have to say this: Alex Rodriguez isn’t to blame for this loss.
In the ninth inning, when we’re down by two runs, and we have two out and two men on… who would YOU want at the plate? Personally, I’d want Alex Rodriguez. Yes, he didn’t get the job done this time, but how many time has he been successful? Too many to count.
The team sucks right now. There’s no hiding that. But with the team that we have, healthy, there is nothing that makes me worry about this season.
Some people say “the bullpen is a disgrace”. Well, remember that a few guys we depend on in the bullpen were out for a while. Aceves still isn’t back. Mariano was out for a while, and so was Chan Ho Park. The rest of our arms got overworked out of necessity, because our starting pitchers (except for Javy) all decided to crap the bed in the same week.
When the bullpen pitchers are overworked, their pitching is going to suffer. I don’t mean overworking one pitcher, I mean overworking EVERY pitcher. It was necessary.
I don’t always agree with Joe Girardi’s pitching changes, but I have to give him credit for managing to keep a regular rotation in bullpen usage amidst this insanity. Can you imagine what Joe Torre would have done if three of his bullpen pitchers were out? Here’s a hint: Scott Proctor’s arm.
Joe Girardi is still managing to keep order by spreading out the bullpen’s workload. Girardi’s bullpen management is wonderful. I think he does an amazing job overall. I don’t agree with some of his in-game pitching changes, but that doesn’t mean I don’t like his bullpen management. There’s a big difference between a wrong in-game pitching change decision, and overall bad bullpen management.
There is no ONE arm in the bullpen that is overworked, even though our starting pitchers (except for Javy) all decided to have crappy starts in the same week. That says something about our manager. It says that he knows what he’s doing when it comes to managing the ‘pen.
Try as I may, I cannot, for the life of me, find an explanation for Mark Teixeira. We brushed April off, because he always suffers in the first month of the season. Why hasn’t he been hitting well in May either? He’s not injured, and he’s being protected by Rodriguez in the lineup. There are no excuses or explanations for his bad numbers. He just needs to start hitting. Simple as that. When he does, watch out. He will be on fire. He has to make up for carrying a .200 batting average through May. 
Now, what will it take for Teixeira to start hitting again? More granola bars?
One last thing I want to address, is a comment I heard from a fellow Yankees fan:
“Javier Vazquez pitched amazingly against the Mets. This is proof that he belongs in the National League”.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is what we call “Mike’d Up Logic“. Why? Because it sounds like something Mike Francesa would say, and not the words of an intelligent baseball fan.
Give me a break. If anyone looked like the National League team in this series, it was the Yankees. What more does Javier Vazquez have to do to earn even a little bit of faith and respect around here? He pitched wonderfully against the Tigers, but did
n’t get the win. He shut out the Mets, and got the win. Can you give the man a chance?
With that Mike’d Up mentality, we can say that since CC Sabathia was owned by the Mets, in a World Series with the National League team having homefield advantage, CC shouldn’t be our ace. Javy should.
That’s Mike’d Up logic for you, and if you agree with the above quotation, you’re just as ridiculous.

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