Keeping It Hot

2010 Pretty In Pinstripes Challenge Tracker: Entry #48 – 5/28/10 – Indians @ Yankees

Final Score: Yankees 8, Indians 2.

There’s not much to say about this game, except that it was hot. 
Phil Hughes continued to show us that he truly does belong in the rotation. He gave up two runs on five hits, walked one and struck out eight. I’m saying this a lot this season, but I’m so happy Joe Girardi chose Hughes for the rotation. I can’t believe anyone was even considering leaving him in the bullpen.
The biggest surprise, however, came before the game, when the lineups were announced. Alex Rodriguez needed a day off, so we needed a cleanup hitter. Who stepped up to the plate? Robinson Cano. Boy, did he step it up big. 
In the seventh inning, with the bases loaded, Cano stepped up to the plate. If Tony Sipp was relieved that he was facing Cano, and not Rodriguez, that relief was soon gone. Robinson Cano blast a home run off of the Indians’ lefty reliever. A GRAND SALAMI to make sure that Phil Hughes’ wonderful start wouldn’t go to waste.
Add that to Nick Swisher’s two-run blast, Gardner and Miranda’s RBI’s, and you have yourself a win!
What else can be said? Robinson Cano continues to be hotter than hot, showing us that he is a huge asset in our lineup.
As for Hughes, well he’s simply PHILTY.

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