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Jackie’s Namesake Shines In His Honor

2010 Pretty In Pinstripes Challenge Tracker: Entry #9 – 4/15/10 – Angels @ Yankees 

Keeping this entry short and sweet.
On a night where Major League Baseball honored one of the great pioneers in baseball history, Jackie Robinson, his namesake showed that he is worthy of carrying the name on.
Robinson Cano was named by his father after Jackie Robinson, and it was only fitting that he gave a magical performance.
On April 15th, 1947, Jackie Robinson became the first African American player in Major League Baseball. Breaking the “color” barrier in the sport, Jackie paved the way for African American players, as well as for players of all racial backgrounds. It’s hard to believe that the sport we love so much was once unicolored. Today, Major League Baseball is home to players from different races, nationalities and backgrounds. This is all thanks to one great man who dared to dream big, and made his dreams come true in the face of adversity.
Jackie Robinson Day means so much to me on so many levels. I am Lebanese-American, and coming from a Middle Eastern background, I am grateful to every man and woman who broke the racial barrier in America. Thanks to these Legends, I have the freedom to be a p
roud American, and all the opportunities I’ve had in life. Thanks to these men and women, I can be whatever I want to be in life. Thanks to Jackie breaking the racial barrier, baseball holds the same values that America was founded on.
Jackie Robinson’s number ’42’ was retired by Major League Baseball in honor of his legacy, and only one active player wears the number today. That player is our very own closer, and the God to whom I pray every night, Mariano Rivera. 
On April 15th, however, every player in Major League Baseball dons the number ’42’ jersey to honor a Legend who shaped the sport we love today.
No one seemed more proud to have the number ’42’ on his back that night than Robinson Cano. His father, Jose Cano, a former Major League pitcher, named him after the very Legend who made it possible for him to play in baseball’s highest league. Robbie was determined to show that he is a worthy namesake, and that is what he did.
On Jackie Robinson Day, Robinson Cano hit his third and fourth home runs of the season, and played a crucial role in the Yankees victory. He has been hot so far this season, and his amazing performance on the Legend’s night further proved that he is the perfect man to bat fifth in our killer lineup.
Jackie Robinson Day is a day that means a lot to players of all races. If the color barrier hadn’t been broken, we wouldn’t see many of the players we see today. Fittingly, Derek Jeter, who comes from a mixed racial background, hit his second home run of the season that night. Hideki Matsui, who is another player in Major League Baseball thanks to the color barrier being broken, also hit a home run in the game. Curtis Granderson had an amazing night as well, showing that he can indeed hit left-handed pitchers, and had two triples on the night. It was a great night for Major League Baseball, and players from different racial backgrounds honored the man who made it possible, by giving great performances.
It was also nice to see Phil Hughes’ performance on the night. While some improvements can be made, Hughes had a very good outing, and the cheers he received from the crowd at the stadium showed it. Joe Girardi made the right decision by Phil Hughes. He will only get more Philthy from here on out.
The night, however, belonged to Jackie Robinson’s namesake. 
Robinson Cano is finally developing into the player we all knew he would be. His defense is hot, his hitting is hotter, and he will be shining even more in his new spot in the lineup. If the first games of the season are anything to go by, Robbie’s going to have a killer year. Cano will be a better number five throughout the season than Hideki Matsui was last year. Mark my words.
The best is yet to come from Robinson Cano. If things continue going at the same pace, we will have another lifetime Yankee to be proud of. Cano may become part of our next “Core Four”, who the other three will be, only time will tell.
April 15th, 2010, was Jackie Robinson Day, and Robinson Cano’s night. We will see more magic from Robbie this year. I’m happy to have him as a Yankee.

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