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What’s On Your Buckett List?

2010 Pretty In Pinstripes Challenge Tracker: Entry #28 – 5/7/10 – Yankees @ Red Sox

Josh Beckett has inspired me to change my spelling of the word “bucket”. 
On my Buckett List: destroy Josh Beckett. 
The Yankees did that last night, and boy did they do it well.
The final score was 10-3. I think that qualifies as a proper beatdown in Beantown.
Beckett had us fooled for a little while. The first few innings went by quickly, and Beckett got several strikeouts under his belt. He made us think that he was back to being good. He fooled Red Sox fans into thinking that he was capable of getting another win this season. 
Boy, was everyone wrong. 
Everything seemed to be flowing smoothly, and we were witnessing a pitchers’ duel. That changed with what felt like the blink of an eye.
A Yankees game at Fenway is never drama-free. While this game was only three hours long, it still gave us a lot to talk about. Josh Beckett hit Robinson Cano and Derek Jeter. When asked about whether or not he “raised an eyebrow” when Beckett hit him, Derek Jeter said “Yeah… because I did so much damage against him this game”.
I love Derek’s sarcasm.
Did Beckett hit our boys intentionally? No way. Wh
y would he? Before he started inflicting bruises on our players, it was a close game. The Red Sox were one home run away from taking the lead. I find it highly unlikely that an “Ace” (I use that term lightly to describe Beckett this year) would purposely put runners on base in a situation like that. He even hit his own catcher, Jason Varitek. God knows Varitek is young enough to take a hit from his own pitcher. 
Josh Buckett – err… Beckett – is not dumb enough to hit batters with the bases loaded, Yankees or not. He just completely lost it. He went crazy with his pitching, hitting our batters as well as his catcher. I was expecting him to hit the umpire next.
What could have possibly happened between the fifth and sixth innings that caused Beckett to implode like that? Granted, the Yankees were already winning 3-1 by the sixth inning, but that was because of Nick Swisher’s home run in the fourth. It’s not like he was giving up hits left and right. Beckett seemed to recover from the home run, and pitched well in the fifth inning. Then, all Hell broke loose.
I need to investigate this further.
On my Buckett List: Watch replays of Beckett’s implosion yesterday. You know, purely for research purposes.
After being calm early on, Beckett seemed angry in the sixth inning, which is why quite a few Yankees fans think that he hit players intentionally. He was shouting at players during the game, giving evil stares to batters and runners, and showing slightly insane outbursts with his body language. That doesn’t mean he hit our boys intentionally. If you ask me, that all fits one profile. Can you guess what that profile is?
Let me give you another hint.
I obviously don’t watch the Red Sox post-game shows, but something tells me that the interview with Beckett sounded a little bit like this:
Yes, you guessed it: Josh Beckett has Tourette’s Syndrome.
By the way, Tourettes Guy for the win.
While Josh Beckett’s Tourette’s Syndrome is only my explanation for his erratic behavior, it makes sense. Think about it. We’ve all heard him use offensive language in press conferences before, out of nowhere. We’ve seen him make controversial remarks, also out of nowhere. That screams “TOURETTES **** **** ****!!” to me. 
I may be giving him too much credit, he could just be a pr*ck, but it’s more fun to imagine him with Tourette’s Syndrome. Think about it, it’s a pretty good explanation for Josh Beckett.
Anyway, like I said, the Yankees won the game 10-3. 
On to the second game!
On CC’s Buckett List: Barbecue some Red Sox batters and have them as a snack.
On my Buckett List: Continue watching the Yankees own the Red Sox.
What’s on your Buckett List?

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