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Yankees Triple What?

2010 Pretty In Pinstripes Challenge Tracker: Entry #15 – 4/22/10 – Yankees @ Athletics

A Yankee Triple Play? What’s that? I’ve thought that a Triple Play is what other teams complete against us. I was not aware that the Yankees were capable of pulling one off!
I’m not to blame for this, because the last time the Yankees completed a triple play was long before I was born. I’ve seen many things in my lifetime as Yankees fan, but a Yankees triple play is not one. I’ve heard about this alleged “Yankees Triple Play” from my dad, but I thought it was just a myth. 
Now, I know that there is such a thing as a Yankees Triple Play, thanks to Alex Rodriguez, Robinson Cano, and Nick Johnson. My dad was right, it really is the most exciting defensive play you can see! One second the opposition have two men on with no one out, the next moment the inning is over. What a thrill!
In case you missed it, here is all the proof you need that we are capable of the “Triple Cripple”:
For the very first time, we can say that Alex Rodriguez went Around The Horn, without any underlying sexual innuendo.
I’ve watched it time and time again, just to take it all in. Who knows if I’ll ever see another Yankees Triple Play? It looked so beautiful, so natural, it’s as if they’ve turned a million triple plays. With our All Star infield, it’s hard to believe that this has never happened before. Now, it has, and I’m glad I can finally cross it off of my “List Of Things To See Before I Die”.
One thing is for sure, this is a moment I’ll remember forever. My first, and hopefully not last, Yankees Triple Play. Write it down in the books, boys, this one’s a doozy!
Despite the Triple Play, and despite CC Sabathia’s wonderful pitching, the Yankees lost the game. It’s always tough to see a winning streak end, and seeing it early on in the season is no different. I thought that we had the game in the bag. After the triple play, and the home runs from Teixeira and Thames, I felt as though the game would turn around. It didn’t. We lost. Oh well.
I could talk about Dallas Braden’s pathetic comments after the game, but I won’t. I think Braden makes enough of an idiot out of himself, ranting about Alex Rodriguez stepping on his rubber. He doesn’t need me to point out his stupidity. In case you missed what he said, you can find it here.
I think that audio clip speaks for itself. You have to be pretty pathetic to go on a ten-minute (or so) rant about something so silly. Here we go with the “unwritten rules”. Why don’t we all get together and write down these rules that were previous unwritten?
Get over it, Dallas Braden.
Anyway, back to the important stuff. We won the series, which was our fifth of the season. Like I said in my last blog post, the Yankees haven’t won the first five series of the season since 1926. Five series wins was the most, so we’re now tied for the franchise record. We’re going to Anaheim next and…
… I won’t say it.

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